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  • Search Engine Optimzation (SEO)

    What good is a nicely designed website if no one can find it?
    If you have a website that never appears with relative keywords on search engines then it's probably because search engines were not taken into account in the initial design of the site. Maple Leap Web Design are designed search engine friendly to meet the best possible search engine rankings. We cannot gurantee that you will get the top position for your keywords but we do promise that you will end up with greatly improved rankings.

    At Maple Leap Groups, we pride ourselves on offering ethical and affordable SEO and social media marketing services, with a special focus on small business clients. We believe the key to success for any SEO campaign is coordination between the client and the SEO provider. Focusing efforts towards a common goal is essential. Whether you are looking to broaden your overall keyword reach with an onsite search engine optimization campaign or build up your site’s authority with a link building campaign, Maple Leap groups is here to assist you.

    Maple Leap Groups provides the following services:

    Search Engine Optimization

    This is the process of improving your overall keyword reach and keyword positions for search engines. Organic optimization is the most effective way to bring in qualified free traffic to your website. Organic optimization is the process of improving the content and structure of your site to make it more friendly and relevant to search engines. Every site is different and requires unique attention.

    Pay-Per-Click Management

    Paid or sponsored traffic is an effective way of bringing in qualified visitors to your website. Since it is impossible to appear within the top 10 results for every keyword on search engines, the pay per click model allows you to reach customers you might not have been able to reach prior. Our management helps maximize your conversion rate while minimizing your costs.

    Link Building

    Link building is a process of improving your site’s authority by helping to promote your links on other websites. Search engines look for a combination of on-site factors as well as the external links that appear outside your website. We help provide these links to your website to help improve your site’s keyword reach and quality.

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing is a highly targeted way to reach and interact with your audience, whether it’s business-to-consumer or business-to-business. Social media also plays a key role in search engine optimization. It’s an important part of a business’ Internet marketing plan – especially for small businesses. We create strategic, results-driven plans to effectively reach your audience through social media.

    Local Search Marketing

    Many companies that seek to target specific geographic locations can benefit greatly from local optimization services. These services help place your site on local websites where people are looking for services or products. It is also important for appearing in search engines’ local map features.

    Our team of SEO and social media marketing specialists has been working hard for clients for over a decade. It is important to work with a search engine optimization company that has the experience necessary to get the job done right.

    Putting together an effective and strong search engine optimization campaign takes time and effort. We are able to deliver comprehensive SEO strategies from an on-site and off-site perspective. Whether you are looking to revamp your current site optimization or want to build premium links to improve keyword ranking, we offer a wide array of choices.

    Our goals are as follows:

    Keyword Reach

    On-site optimization can help you reach more customers with a wide range of keywords. We utilize the pages on your site, as well as site structure and content to help you appear for more keywords in search engines. More keywords often equal more traffic for your website.

    Keyword Rank Increase

    Focusing your onsite content on specific keywords can have a large impact on rankings. We utilize this strategy, as well as premium link building to improve your current search engine rankings.

    Increased Authority

    We harness the power of your site to help increase your site’s authority through an internal optimization campaign as well as an external link building campaign.

    When all of these factors come together, your site becomes a fine-tuned machine working to gain you new customers and clicks. Our team of SEO consultants and specialists has been working hard for clients for over a decade. Let us guide you in discovering the right SEO services that will drive qualified traffic to your website.

    Please call us on 800-433-7660 or email us at info@mapleleapgroups.com for more information on our other services.