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  • Social media optimization / Social media marketing

    Looking for a way to shout out to your target audiences to get them to buy from your site? There are so many different online media that enable you to get your message across to your audiences and attract them. But do you know which one delivers that in a more effective, less expensive and faster way?

    Pay per click attracts people faster but it is expensive and SEO on the other hand, costs you less but it takes time to bring in traffic. The only option that remains is social media marketing.

    Social media marketing is a technique that involves engaging social networking sites to reach out to your niche customers and promoting your business. This form of marketing is so powerful that with just one buzz, your site could get the celebrity attention that it deserves. The methods involved in social media are: blogs, forums, online communities, photo and video sharing, which can all influence a customers’ opinion about a brand or business.

    Maple Leap Groups can help you recognize the potential of social media marketing tools. We follow strict steps to make sure your campaign goes viral in the right direction. We have different SMO packages designed to suit your budget and to generate a powerful buzz about your business.

    Our SMO services include:

    • Social Networking
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Video Optimization
    • Image Optimization
    • Press Release Marketing
    • Communities Participation
    • Customized Blog Creation and Maintenance
    • Viral Marketing

    We use the above techniques to create awareness, influence customers’ opinion and drive in traffic as well as improve the search engine ranking of a site.
    Our team of dedicated SMM professionals come with years of experience in SMO and are well versed with the latest developments and practices. Contact us today and learn more about our SMM services!